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Installation Services

Ground Work

Before any cabin can be installed we need to ensure all the ground supporting the cabin and surrounding it is safe, and flat. We will of course tell you what needs to be done upon your free site survey and quote. This way the ground around your cabin can be appropriately prepared depending on your choice of base. 

Concrete Base

A concrete base gives you a solid flat surface to build your new log cabin on. This base will ensure your cabin is not only level for years to come but also helps with water resistance protecting the bottom of the cabin and the wood. It is important to remember that your concrete base should always be 20cm wider around the perimeter of the cabin, this will help with structural integrity and be a safety net for any unforeseen errors. Some of the benefits of concrete base are:


  • Protects structural integrity 
  • Lowers your risk of issues with subsidence
  • Prevents jamming of windows and doors
  • Ensures cabin stability
  • 3-4 Inches thick (75-100mm)
  • High load capacity 
Timber Base

Timber bases are also a very popular choice for log cabin owners. A timber base will give you a range of aesthetic and practical benefits. What log cabin owners love about a timber base is the functionality it gives you unlike a concrete base it is not permanent giving you the freedom to move it and your cabin around if necessary. You will also be able to respond quickly to any subsidence that may occur by having the base raised. Some of the benefits of a timber base are:

  • Can be moved and or changed
  • Allows better air flow protecting your timber
  • Cheaper and more affordable than concrete 
  • Great for unlevel ground and areas
  • Provides a seamless transition from base to your cabin
Cabin Installation

Once your base is completed we can begin the full installation of your cabin. Installation includes all aspects of your cabin including doors, windows and roofing. Prior to starting the installation of your cabin we will give you a time frame in which it will take us to complete it. Obviously this will vary depending on the size of your log cabin, our clients love that we give a detailed outline of the build time so they can prepare and around the install. At Carls Cabins we try to blend install speed without sacrificing quality. Although we are very quick during the install process we always ensure that our install process is all about ensuring your cabin is installed to the highest specification. We have installed cabins from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers such as Lugarde & Dunstable.

Decking & Gazebos

As professional builders with over 30 years experience in our field we also offer additional services along with cabin installation such as decking and gazebos. Once your cabin is installed we can construct beautiful decked areas around your cabin complete with a gazebo to allow you to enjoy your new outdoor space all year round. 

Electrical & Plumbing Services

Many people want to incorporate extra features into their log cabin such as electrics and plumbing. We work closely with electricians and plumbers who have been installing what our clients ask for in their cabins for decades. We can connect you directly with them to get the services you require without going through a middle man and getting an inflated cost. 

Our Core Values


Here at Carls Cabins we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship whether it be installing or building something entirely new we have been working with wood structures and building materials for over 3 decades. Our clients love that we always have an extensive portfolio of our work to show them so they can make an informed decision to use us based on our previous work.



As aforementioned we have over 30 years of building and installation experience. We have worked not only on log cabins but also larger commercial projects such as constructing entire apartment buildings. We have worked with some of the biggest cabin suppliers in Europe and installed them for happy customers. There is no problem that can arise on the job, big or small that we cannot solve.   


We know from experience when working with residential and commercial clients timekeeping is a key aspect. We pride ourselves on working to an outlined schedule and keeping our customers informed if any unforeseen delays occur. When you work with Carls Cabins you can be sure we will work to an efficient time frame without sacrificing the quality of any work we complete.  

Quality Service

Our clients love the service we offer them due to our professionalism and expert care we take when completing any job asked of us. We are proud that our clients come back to us to ask for other services we offer such as decking and general building work. This is because any customer who works with us knows they are going to get a great price service that is always completed diligently and to the highest possible standard. 

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